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Keel beams to Arcona Yachts' award winning sail yachts

Scandinavian WeldTech has developed, together with Arcona Yachts, an optimal design for the central beam that transfers loads from the rig and keel into the hull of the boat.

The loads during sailing are dynamic, and the beam must withstand the highly corrosive, marine environment. The demands on the fitting is very high, with many reference points on the beam having a tolerance of only +/- 1 mm, even though they lie 3-4 m apart. In addition to this, the weight must be minimized to keep up with the demands set by extreme sail racing.

These beams are produced using advanced materials and techniques to meet these high demands.

The picture above shows the keel beam from the Arcona 430, by "European Yacht of the Year 2009” appointed ”Winner in the category Performance Cruiser".